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We Wrote: "Hybrid Tactics To Raise Direct Marketing Response Rates".
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Advanced Marketing


The LKC Group's services offering.


  • International Contracts Drafting
  • Export Management Company
  • Sourcing Agency for Buyers
  • Direct Massive Campaign Strategies
  • Cinematic TV Advertising Production
  • Online Campaign Management
  • Call Center Design (incoming only)
  • Interpreter Services (English <-> 300+ languages & dialects)


Lauden Kleer. Loud. And clear.

Massive Campaigns

We specialize in scheduled hybrid campaigns for large lists. For example sending an offer to hundreds of thousands of emails. Our smart landing pages will inform you instantly who visited the page, so you can contact those curious enough to click, even if they don't complete any forms. More leads than you can handle.

Managed Marketing

If you are looking to outsource your PPC, SEO and Social Network and Social Media efforts to a capable outside agency, where you receive clear reports of precisely what is done and how it benefits you, perhaps you should give us a try. We have Fortune 500 clients since 1999. See what we do better.

TV Commercials

To pull off a memorable ad, you must have a mastery of cinematography, both the art (scriptwriting, acting, blocking, aesthetics, dramatic effect) as well as the science (cameras, lighting, angles, editing, color science, lenses, movement, dialogues). Average productions are eroding your brand's image. Do it better.
L a u d e n   K l e e r
C   O   M   M   U   N   I   C   A   T   I   O   N   S
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