300 Languages
4000 Live Operators

The ability to communicate in any language anytime is paramount in a multicultural society. Health, social, and legal service agencies are obvious beneficiaries. Expanding service providers and manufacturers looking into exporting, soon realize the fantastic rise in success rate if they put in sufficient effort to show the other side they care about this other culture enough to speak their language, not simply expect everyone to know English. There are many other emerging and expanding markets for language services, and you can be at the forefront of this revolution AS A PROVIDER OF INSTANT ACCESS TO INTERPRETERS; what is important to note here is that as a primary access provider, we do it better than most. We have pioneered many "firsts" in our industry. Find out how you can obtain language service for your organization, or join the global revolution and build your own language empire with our WLR (white label reseller) program.

Smart entrepreneurs know that the real money in the modern economy is in the ability to offer a valuable service and getting paid every month (constant income) in exchange for that professional service. This is a "genius level" opportunity. So many programs today ride you like you are a slave. We give you something truly valuable: live access to a system we run. All you have to do is go out there and talk to clients like you own it. Build your wealth empire without spending millions on infrastructure; use ours instead. Choose WLR Account when signing up.
We help you train your clients: the benefits of reaching out anytime to anyone in any language may not be immediately obvious if you do not have an international background. Our CEO has been involved in international trade for over 20 years, and constantly serves videos and live seminars you can share with your clients, so they can understand how USING your system leads to an unfair competitive advantage in any market. We train your clients to use the system and teach them why they should.

We (the system) are invisible,
your clients only know you!

Imagine yourself two years from now with 300 clients who put an average of $50 in your PayPal account every month. That is a monthly income way above most wages, and your only chore is to write an invoice ONLY TO THOSE who used interpreters that month. And if they use the service, there are additional per minute charges paid by your client, which you will collect. Perhaps you never thought you would ever run a business that brings in $40,000 a month, every month; but you can, and because it is infinitely scalable and we impose no territories (you are free to seek clients anywhere), there is actually no limit to how much you can make.

Before you can take informed steps in any given direction, first you must understand what you have. We share that insider knowledge freely, because the power we give you is absolutely incredible. So take a moment here to understand the power of the system. The better you understand it, the better you can explain it to your clients. To this end we are giving you full access to our partner training program right now. That is how confident we are you will sign up.

We have learned everything we show you the hard way; you can be out there impressing clients and getting signups, "speaking their language" like someone with 20 years of experience in just days, and we are going to teach you exactly how to do it.

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the service

Our system has many complex elements that make it work smoothly, and as a white label reseller you basically present yourself as the BUSINESS OWNER of this system. Instant prestige and respect is guaranteed. The business model that allows you to REINVENT YOURSELF starting today. Here is why:

4000+ interpreters

We have high operator redundancy with many qualified interpreters for the same language, especially the popular ones.

300+ languages

With over 300 languages and dialects, the exact interpreter your client needs is always a simple phone call away.

unlimited usage credit

Use as many minutes as you want, as long as you pay your bills on time. We send you separate invoices for each client for easy billing.

Generous subscriber fee-split

A subscriber business with generous split fees in addition to per minute profits, to achieve financial stability while building your business!

latest telecom equipment

System quality is important, so we ensure all our operators use a land line, and the quality of our network is state-of-the-art.

flexible, easy to use

We train you, so you can train your client. Client training is as simple as watching a few minutes long demonstration on video.

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If you're ready to commit and have questions, call 844-335-3310. Before you do, scroll up a bit and take your free training, perhaps your question has already been answered there.

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