L a u d e n   K l e e r
C   O   M   M   U   N   I   C   A   T   I   O   N   S

The 2020 CID manual is available to partners
Sell your own exotic brand
Bulk staple commodities
"As is" or with custom label
Sourced from local farmers
Discounts on long term contracts
Visionary video creators for brands
Ads crafted by film professionals
Emotional impact advertising
Differentiate: you imagine a product, we make it. 
Bulk Commodities
Staple foods in bulk
Eco and Bio foods
Corn, grains, seeds
Vegetable Oils
Agricultural Chemicals
Industrial Chemicals
Personalized Brands
Are you a trendsetter? From ordering existing products with your own label, to creating your own formula, your own packaginf and your own brand name, we can help you turn your vision into a product.
TV and Web Advertising
Viral video ads written, filmed and edited by professional cinematographers. TV or Internet ads. Impactful, viral, comic ads. Video ads on your storefront glass. Skill, talent, equipment and experience to support your unique ideas.

Get Your 30 Seconds Viral Commercial!


  • we write the script (narration included free - limited time)
  • we select the appropriate music genre
  • we create an appropriate mood / pace
  • we present a rough edit for your review
  • you are allowed three changes / suggestions
  • we add captions, titles, special effects, sound effects
  • we deliver the final video you can download and use


Upload your media assets (high quality videos and images of your brand or product that we can use) and email us a link to where they are (GDrive, Dropbox, etc). No refunds on creative work. Can't scan QR code? Pay here.


The Experts Trust Us

When top marketing and advertising publications, the gurus that teach others about marketing, trust you to do their marketing campaigns for them, you can say that you have positive confirmation that your methods actually work better than anything else they have ever tried.

Disney, Apple and many other household names worked with us. We're waiting for you to contact us too.

In the USA, Pacific, and Oceania, you can contact our sister company, Option Quest.

Exports and Services

Lauden Kleer Communications SRL products and services - USA / EU / LatAm / Africa / Middle East

Agency Services
If you constantly import or export a product / service to / from Eastern Europe and would like to have a full time agency to outsource your marketing strategies, let's talk.
Advanced Marketing
Free consultation with our CEO. Experience in 5th Avenue agencies with over 60 F500 clients. Direct (list) marketing, branding consultation, entry strategies, and more.
Lauden Kleer is the authorized importer and distributor for Soilworks' dust control and soil stabilization products in Romania. Various other related chemicals available for export direct from USA and EU.
Cooking Oil
Oil of every type and description, including sunflower oil (virgin, bulk, in train tanker) from Ukraine, or refined, deodorized in retail packaging (1l, 3l, 5l) from Romania or Moldova.
Wheat / Flour Export
Wheat available from Ukraine and Romania for export. Minimum 1 20ft container, contract preferred. Flour for bread, for baking, general purpose, all grades available.
Professional Film
Professional concept development, screenplay writing, production and editing of TV and billboard commercial video spots. Advanced software, equipment, robots, drones, etc for world class commercial spots.
L a u d e n   K l e e r
C   O   M   M   U   N   I   C   A   T   I   O   N   S
Green Business Bureau member
ISO, ISCC-EU, GMP+ certified
EORI: RO44809624
EUID: ROONRC.J40/14824/2021
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