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Order Kleer™ polymer samples
For Sand & Dust Control , Soil Compaction, and Cement.          Loud. And clear.


The sample kit includes:

  • 1 liter KleerPrime™ - high adhesion polymer
  • 1 liter KleerGrip™ - sand stabilizer, dust penetrator polymer
  • 1 liter KleerBoost - enhances hydraulic binders (cement mortars)
  • 1 liter KleerSeal™ - hydrophobic coating & additive


Plus $239 liquid transfer and international shipping fee.
All Kleer samples are shipped via FedEX, UPS or DHL.

Scan the QR code to pay from your mobile device. Contact us directly to discuss FTL and LTL pricing. Samples ordered here are prepared approx. 4-5 days after payment. At that time you'll receive a tracking number.

We normally sell these prime polymers to various industries by container load, and manufacture when you order. Add 1 day waiting time for every three FTL containers, to the shipping time estimate.

If you need a different sample package, request it easily using the contact form.
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