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Q: Do you offer free courses?


A: All current certification courses are paid. Out of respect for the people who invest time and money to study the materials, interact with our experts, finish their assignments, pass their tests and earn their certificate, we cannot provide access to these materials for free.


Q: How do we learn the Kleer polymer application process?


A: These are industrial chemicals from the "coatings" industry. As such we expect most people who visit the website know exactly what they're buying and how to use them. However, for those who are interested in dust control, application methods and suggested rates will be provided; for soil stabilization, including gravel roads repair and maintenance, similar information will be provided.


Q: Do you offer product application as a service?


A: Yes, you could discuss this with us when you order. A specialist on-site can also be requested using the contact form. They will show the team at the work site how things get done, and leave. This process is called "knowledge transfer" and it is available for a fee.








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