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Q: Do you offer free samples?


A: Absolutely not. We believe that people never truly value anything when they have no skin in the game; it's just human nature. If you're interested in experiencing our products, you'll need to purchase them. We don't entertain tirekickers. We want out products tested and used by enthusiastic, involved people who share their research with us, not sitting full of dust in a closet somewhere with other "free samples".


Q: Why don't you offer free samples?


A: We firmly believe that providing free samples diminishes the perceived value of our products. By requiring payment, we ensure that our customers are genuinely interested and committed to experiencing the quality of what we offer.


Q: Can I test your products before buying?


A: Yes, you could purchase 1Kg sample quantities and run all the tests you need, as long as you pay the liquid transfer fee and the courier fee. Other paid sample arrangements can be requested using the contact form.


Q: Are there any exceptions to your no free samples policy?


A: No, we maintain a strict policy of not offering free samples to anyone. This ensures fairness and consistency for all our customers.


Q. Where can I buy samples?


You can order the standard popular sample pack here, or select which products you'd like to receive using our contact form. We will call you with a quote, and you could pay online or we can take your CC information over the phone and confirm the transaction during the same call.







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