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Workplace Safety


Workplace Safety Training, Certification, and Management


At LKC, we prioritize safety and security on all work sites through our comprehensive and agile online training system. Developed in collaboration with our sister company, ScanID.online, our program ensures that every individual on site adheres to uniform safety protocols and procedures.


Program Overview:


Online Training Course:


Our system provides thorough training covering personal protective equipment (PPE), site-specific safety regulations, hazard identification, and security procedures.


The training is designed to be engaging and informative, ensuring that all personnel understand and can apply safety protocols effectively.




Upon completing the training, individuals must pass a brief knowledge examination.

Successful participants receive a certificate, confirming their understanding and compliance with safety standards.


Scannable Badges:


Certified individuals are issued scannable badges that serve dual purposes:


Access Control: These badges are checked at established entry and exit points, ensuring that only authorized personnel are allowed on site.


Time Tracking: The badges also function as clock-in and clock-out devices, streamlining attendance and work hour tracking.


Badges can be remotely activated or deactivated by safety managers, providing a quick and efficient way to enforce both site access and protocol compliance.


Site Management and Supervision:


Security personnel manage entry points and conduct random on-site supervision to ensure ongoing adherence to safety protocols.


Team leaders are also trained to be responsible for their teams, including completing event and accident reports and attending weekly security and safety meetings.


Comprehensive Site Management:


Our system is designed to integrate seamlessly into any worksite, promoting organized security and safety management and cohesive team operation.


By ensuring that every contracted team follows the same safety rules and standards when working on the same worksite, you help reduce risk factors in your Work Breakdown Structure (WBS).


Implementing Our System:


Lauden Kleer uses this proven system across all our on-site projects. If you’re interested in implementing a similar system at your work sites, contact us and we could develop one together.


Key Benefits:


  • Uniform Safety Protocols: Ensures all personnel follow the same safety guidelines.
  • Efficient Access Control: Quickly manage site access through scannable badges.
  • Enhanced Compliance: Regular supervision and team leader accountability foster a culture of safety.
  • Streamlined Management: Simplifies reporting and meeting procedures for site managers.


Safety and Security Start Here


Ensure the safety and security of your worksite with our comprehensive training and management system. Contact us today to inquire about Safety Training, Live Scannable ID Badges, and On-Site Safety Management. Together, we can create a safer working environment for everyone.

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