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KleerBoost™ for hydraulic binders
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KleerBoost stands as a versatile and indispensable component in the realm of cement mortar modification. Its exceptional compatibility with various polymers, solvents, and additives, coupled with its remarkable adhesive properties, makes it the ideal choice for enhancing cement mortar formulations. This paper delves into the myriad benefits of KleerBoost and elucidates why it is the quintessential solution for cement mortars.

Compatibility and Adhesion:
One of KleerBoost's primary strengths lies in its unparalleled compatibility with a diverse range of polymers, solvents, and additives. This versatility enables seamless integration into various mortar formulations, facilitating customization and optimization according to specific requirements. Furthermore, KleerBoost exhibits outstanding adhesion even after the addition of a significant quantity of fillers. This characteristic is particularly advantageous for adhesives necessitating filler incorporation to adjust bonding strength and mitigate costs, thereby enhancing the overall efficiency and cost-effectiveness of cement mortar production.

Viscosity Control and Performance Enhancement:
Another noteworthy feature of KleerBoost is its low viscosity thickening response to plasticizers or solvents. This property empowers manufacturers to tailor the viscosity of mortar formulations according to desired specifications, thereby ensuring optimal performance across diverse applications. Moreover, KleerBoost can be added in substantial quantities without compromising product integrity, allowing for the attainment of desired performance attributes without sacrificing quality or efficiency.

Optimal Ratio for Superior Performance:
In the context of cement mortar modification materials, achieving the optimal ratio of polymer weight to cement weight (P/C ratio) is paramount for ensuring superior performance and economic viability. Extensive research and analysis have revealed that the P/C ratio ranging from 0.1 to 0.4 represents the optimal balance between performance enhancement and cost efficiency when utilizing KleerBoost. This empirically determined range maximizes the efficacy of KleerBoost in cement mortar formulations, thereby facilitating the realization of optimal outcomes in terms of both performance and economy.

Versatile Applications:
Beyond its efficacy in cement mortar modification, KleerBoost finds extensive utilization across an array of industries and applications. From waterproof coatings and mortars to wood processing, composite materials, packaging, building insulation, textile coatings, and even in the manufacture of cigarettes, KleerBoost's versatility knows no bounds. Its multifaceted utility underscores its indispensability across diverse sectors, further solidifying its status as a cornerstone ingredient in modern manufacturing processes.

KleerBoost emerges as a veritable game-changer in the realm of cement mortar modification. Its unparalleled compatibility, adhesive properties, viscosity control, and versatility render it the perfect solution for enhancing the performance and cost-effectiveness of cement mortar formulations. By adhering to optimal P/C ratios and leveraging KleerBoost's myriad benefits, manufacturers can unlock new frontiers of efficiency, efficacy, and innovation in cement mortar production, thereby solidifying their competitive edge in the global market landscape.
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