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“If I have seen further, it was by standing on the shoulders of giants.” - Sir Isaac Newton

Here are some of the many companies that contributed to our success.


"Big thanks to the organizers of the Fourth International Economic Forum 2024 for inviting me to kick things off. It was a real pleasure meeting all of you, and well worth the 7 hour drive."


Dan Banici, Founder & CMO

Lauden Kleer Communications



The "Loud and Clear Network": Over 30 Partners and Growing
Corporate partnering is fueling the growth of innovative companies. The new currency in today's world is not money, but smarts (information and the ability to process it). The demand to deliver more new products, more quickly, and at lower prices has never been greater.Joint Ventures and other forms of business collaboration arrangements are revolutionaizing how winning companies compete.

Thanks to all our partners for their continued support and collaboration. Our strong partnerships with some of the most esteemed industry leaders across various sectors have significantly enhanced our capabilities and market presence. From compliance and materials testing in construction to advanced polymers and adhesives, each collaboration has driven innovation and ensured our products meet rigorous international standards.

Enhanced Capabilities Through Diverse Partnerships
Working alongside leading experts in silicones, specialty chemicals, water-based polymers, and industrial chemicals distribution has enabled us to develop high-performance, environmentally friendly products tailored to specific markets. These partnerships, including joint ventures (JV), marketing partnerships, manufacturing partnerships, and research and development (R&D) partnerships, have been invaluable in navigating regulatory landscapes and ensuring timely delivery to our customers.

Advancing Through Research and Strategic Alliances
Our research collaborations leverage cutting-edge technologies from global leaders in fluoropolymers and high-performance lubricants, enhancing our product portfolio and manufacturing capabilities in Asia and the Pacific. Additionally, our strategic alliances in road surface technologies broaden our technological capabilities and reinforce our commitment to delivering innovative solutions for the construction and infrastructure sectors. Thanks to those involved with us in technology partnerships, licensing agreements, and consulting partnerships who help us drive continuous improvement and innovation.

Dynamic and Broad-Ranging Collaborations
These dynamic partnerships with top-tier organizations and experts enable us to offer a wider range of innovative solutions, improving road safety, infrastructure, and rural connectivity. Our distribution partnerships ensure our products reach diverse markets, while supplier partnerships guarantee a stable and redundant supply chain. We also extend our thanks to our financial partners who support our stability, growth and innovation, and our cross-industry partnerships who help us explore new business opportunities.

Your dedication drives our innovation, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration and achieving new milestones together.

Romanian Academy of Scientists (AOSR)

As an honorary member of the academy since 2009, our founder has leveraged the benefit of working with some of the top minds in our industry and in related fields. We have invited and received technical and academic delegations from Japan to visit the AOSR with full protocol, aiming to advance the scientific pursuit of knowledge in synergy between our two countries and continents.

Our gratitude also goes to all partners, mentors, customers, applicators and industry peers worldwide, past and present, as well as to academia and the industry associations and organizations who made us a constant part of their current and future programs and events.

Our extended partnership network is growing too large to mention individual companies here. Thank you for making the Lauden Kleer vision a reality for our contractual core stated goals, and more importantly, for our planet.

Thank you for making the "Road of Names" documentary project a resounding success!
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