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KleerTack™ aggregate tackifier
Superior Adhesion. Design for Extreme Conditions.                 Loud. And clear.

For engineering strong bonds. If strata and layers must hold together, you start here.
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KleerTack™ Tackifier

KleerTack is a versatile tackifier engineered for seamless adhesion in a wide range of environments. Its unique formulation allows it to remain sticky indefinitely at normal temperatures, making it the ideal solution for applications that require a strong bond between layers.

When used in road building and construction, KleerTack's adhesive properties ensure that the aggregate (soil, sand, topsoil, just about anything) you mix it into, will harden like a rock. The surface, however, remains sticky indefinitely, allowing for flexible scheduling (do follow-up work without rushing) and eliminating the need for other specialized (or toxic) tackifiers. No more working against the clock—KleerTack keeps your project on track by keeping a surface tacky when you need it to be.

When used in fugitive dust control, it not only covers existing dust, but it captures new dust blown by the wind above the treated surface. As a strongly anionic polymer, dust is attracted to it electrostatically, and held in place by the tacky, sticky surface.

Introducing KleerTack, a cutting-edge polymer designed to excel in demanding conditions with its exceptional adhesive capabilities. This innovative material sets a new standard for adhesion and resilience, offering unparalleled performance across a spectrum of applications.

KleerTack's superior adhesive properties make it a game-changer in industries where durable bonding is crucial. From construction to packaging, this polymer excels, providing reliable performance even in the most challenging conditions. Its ability to maintain adhesion ensures that layers remain firmly bonded, products stay intact, and surfaces are prepared for subsequent layers.

In the automotive sector, KleerTack revolutionizes the design and functionality of components requiring strong bonds. From gaskets and hoses to seals and interior materials, this polymer enhances durability and longevity, minimizing the risk of separation or failure.

Medical device manufacturers benefit from KleerTack's resilience in various storage and transportation settings. Whether it's vials, containers, or equipment, this polymer ensures that critical medical supplies remain intact and functional.

Outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers rely on KleerTack for gear that delivers uncompromising performance. From flexible outerwear to rugged equipment, this polymer withstands the rigors of harsh conditions, keeping users comfortable and protected.

Electronics manufacturers integrate KleerTack into devices and components that operate in various environments, ensuring reliability and functionality. From outdoor cameras to industrial sensors, this polymer enhances product performance and longevity.

KleerTack's versatility extends beyond specific industries, finding applications in various consumer products and everyday items. Its flexibility, resilience, and adhesive properties make it an indispensable material for countless products, enhancing performance and durability.

KleerTack redefines what's possible in adhesives, offering unmatched bonding strength and resilience. With its groundbreaking properties, this innovative material opens up new possibilities across industries, ensuring reliability and durability in a wide range of applications.

is sold as KleerZeroTM in various industries, including quantum computing (for it's ability to maintain its' characteristics at a wide range of temperatures). The technical data is identical, and the two labels are interchangeable. Whether it has one label or the other, dozens of industries make their own products using Kleer polymers with the confidence that their innnovations inherit the characteristics of our raw emulsions. Loud. And clear.
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