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KleerPrime™ superadhesive
Fast curing. hard film. Redefining Adhesion.                    Loud. And clear.
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In the realm of coatings, adhesives, and surface treatments, the ability to achieve strong and durable adhesion is paramount. Whether applied to wood, metal, concrete, or plastic, the success of a coating often hinges on its ability to form a robust bond with the substrate, providing long-lasting protection and aesthetic enhancement. In this regard, KleerPrime emerges as a game-changer, offering a revolutionary solution that redefines adhesion and versatility in acrylic resin technology.

At its core, KleerPrime is a colloid-free, surfactant-stabilized emulsion formulated to deliver unparalleled adhesion and performance across a wide range of applications. Unlike conventional acrylic resins that rely on colloidal suspensions for stability, KleerPrime harnesses the power of surfactants to maintain its integrity, ensuring consistent performance and reliability in diverse environmental conditions. This unique formulation not only eliminates the risk of colloid formation but also enhances the compatibility and versatility of KleerPrime across different substrates and coating systems.

When mixed into cement slurry in sufficient quantity, the anionic nano-polymer particle migration can litarally be seen, as the reaction with the cement it darkens the color of the material, and flattens surface imperfections left by the spreading tools. As it cures, it becomes stronger and stronger.

One of the defining features of KleerPrime when used as a coating or raw material for paints, is its ability to form a hard, tough, clear, flexible, and glossy film upon curing, providing both functional protection and aesthetic appeal.

Whether used as a standalone product in construction or incorporated into formulations for paints, sealants, adhesives, or varnishes as a raw material, KleerPrime delivers exceptional performance and durability, enhancing the longevity and performance of the mixed grout, or the treated surface. Its' versatility and adaptability make it an indispensable tool for formulators and manufacturers seeking to optimize the performance and aesthetics of their work or their inventions and products.

Moreover, KleerPrime distinguishes itself from conventional acrylic resins through its unique migration properties during the curing process. Unlike static formulations that remain fixed in place upon application, KleerPrime's particles exhibit controlled migration, allowing them to redistribute and reposition themselves as the coating cures. This dynamic behavior not only enhances the interfacial adhesion between the coating and the substrate but also promotes the formation of a seamless and uniform film, free from defects or inconsistencies. As a result, KleerPrime offers formulators unprecedented control over the application and performance of their coatings, empowering them to achieve superior results with ease and precision.

Despite its advanced features and capabilities, KleerPrime remains remarkably user-friendly and cost-effective, offering formulators a versatile and reliable solution for a wide range of applications. Its anionic nature and compatibility with various additives and pigments make it a preferred choice for manufacturers seeking to customize and optimize their formulations to meet specific performance and aesthetic requirements. Whether used in architectural coatings, automotive finishes, industrial sealants, or decorative varnishes, KleerPrime delivers consistent results, enhancing the value and performance of the end product while minimizing production costs and environmental impact.

KleerPrime represents a paradigm shift in acrylic resin technology, offering formulators and manufacturers a versatile and high-performance solution for achieving strong and durable adhesion in coatings, adhesives, and surface treatments. With its colloid-free formulation, surfactant-stabilized emulsion, and unique migration properties, KleerPrime sets a new standard for excellence in adhesion and versatility, empowering users to unlock new levels of performance, durability, and aesthetic appeal in their products. As a formulator's best friend, KleerPrime paves the way for innovation and excellence in coatings technology, driving advancements in a wide range of industries and applications.
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