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KleerZero™ material enhancer
Subzero Flexibility. Design for the Arctic. Or outer space.      Loud. And clear.

For engineering cold resistant technologies. If it's got to work below zero, you start here.
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KleerZero is a tackifier between layers: Because it has a film forming temperature below zero in it's raw form, KleerZero remains sticky indefinitely when cured at normal temperature, making it the perfect tackifier in between layers for road building and construction. Suppose you use it instead of KleerPrime or KleerGrip: the aggregate (soil, sand, topsoil, just about anything, it barely matters) you mix it into will harden like a rock (just like our other polymers) but the surface will remain sticky indefinitely, waiting for you to follow up with another layer or capping). No more working against the clock, or using a specialized tackifier.

Introducing KleerZero, a groundbreaking polymer engineered to thrive in sub-zero environments with its remarkable glass transition temperature (Tg) of -15°C. This innovative material sets a new standard for flexibility and resilience, offering unparalleled performance across a spectrum of applications.

KleerZero's exceptional cold-resistant properties make it a game-changer in industries where durability in low temperatures is paramount. From sealing solutions to packaging innovations, this polymer excels, providing reliable performance even in the most frigid conditions. Its ability to maintain flexibility at sub-zero temperatures ensures that seals remain tight, packaging stays intact, and products remain protected against harsh climates.

In the automotive sector, KleerZero revolutionizes the design and functionality of components exposed to cold environments. From gaskets and hoses to seals and interior materials, this polymer enhances durability and longevity, minimizing the risk of cracking or failure in extreme cold.

Medical device manufacturers benefit from KleerZero's resilience in cold storage and transportation settings. Whether it's vials, containers, or equipment, this polymer ensures that critical medical supplies remain intact and functional, even in freezing temperatures.

Outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers rely on KleerZero for cold-weather gear that delivers uncompromising performance. From flexible outerwear to rugged equipment, this polymer withstands the rigors of harsh climates, keeping users comfortable and protected in the harshest of conditions.

Electronics manufacturers integrate KleerZero into devices and components that operate in cold environments, ensuring reliability and functionality even in freezing temperatures. From outdoor cameras to industrial sensors, this polymer enhances product performance and longevity in challenging climates.

KleerZero's versatility extends beyond specific industries, finding applications in various consumer products and everyday items. Its flexibility, resilience, and cold-resistant properties make it an indispensable material for countless products, enhancing performance and durability in cold environments.

KleerZero redefines what's possible in cold-resistant polymers, offering unmatched flexibility, resilience, and performance in sub-zero temperatures. With its groundbreaking properties, this innovative material opens up new possibilities across industries, ensuring reliability and durability in even the coldest of climates.
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