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The rural road revolution has begun.



Formulators: All the KleerTM polymers can be used to formulate advanced water based industrial coatings and  adhesives which inherit the characteristics of the respective Kleer polymer.


"What's significant about this rural road construction process is that it relies solely on prime acrylic polymers, rather than various toxic chemical additives. KleerGrip effectively penetrates and holds, KleerTack maintains its stickiness even after curing, KleerPrime solidifies the soil unlike any other polymer I've used, and KleerSeal is incredibly hydrophobic, causing water to bead on the road surface and slide off into the culverts.."


- Ryan Davis, PE

Building a rural road with Kleer polymers and local soil

The Kleer product line epitomizes meticulous craftsmanship, maintaining the highest standards of quality. We have the capacity to manufacture and deliver identical products from our facilities situated in the United States, Germany, or China, tailored to meet the specific requirements and regulatory standards of your region.

For projects within the European market, where strict adherence to standards and regulations is paramount, our products are meticulously designed to fulfill these exacting criteria. Conversely, for projects situated outside the jurisdictions of the European Union, United States, or Canada, our clients are provided the same high-quality products at a competitive price point, enabling agile and cost-effective project management within their organizations, without paying for registrations, approvals and taxes irrelevant to the work site.

Whether your objectives entail cost reduction, risk mitigation, or alignment with stakeholder and beneficiary prerequisites, initiating a dialogue with Lauden Kleer offers the most expeditious route to realizing a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) that propels your projects toward successful outcomes.

We serve 21 industries. Perhaps we could help you, too.

en Kleer.
Loud. And clear.

Custom polymers possible under contract. Ask for a consultation.
Lauden Kleer manufactures and sells industrial additives in bulk.
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